San Jose

San Jose is the cultural, governmental and business center of Costa Rica. We usually advise our guests to spend your first and last nights here.

Sometimes, international travel can be tricky. the worst situation is when you have scheduled a night in a hotel four hours from the airport and then have your flight delayed! If you spend the first night in San Jose, your travel will be less stressful. By the same token, it is usually easier to spend the last night here as well. This is also the jumping off point for many day tours and for whitewater rafting.

Besides, if you have never been to a large Latin city, you should spend at least a day and a night exploring the museums, discos and the passing parade of local color. The population of San Jose is one of the most well educated in Central America. There is a very vibrant cultural scene. The local community is passionate about art and theater, and of course, music!

San Jose is also where you want to shop for delicious coffee and take time to visit the markets. The Jade and Gold museums are certainly worth a visit, and no visit to San Jose is complete without a stop at the wonderfully ornate National Theater.

So, as the locals say – “Tranquilo.” Have a drink and a meal at one of the many fine restaurants, and get ready for the rest of the trip!

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